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Genres: Drama , Thriller
Actors: Balthazar Getty , Peter Weller , Rebecca Gayheart , Peter Greene , Frederic Forrest , Brad Dourif , Michael Dorn , Corin Nemec , Johnny Whitworth , Arroyn Lloyd , Clayton Landey , Richard Moll , Downtown Julie Brown , Christopher Doyle , Tane McClure
Director: Isaac H. Eaton
Country: United States
Year: 2000
IMDB Rating: 5.7/10 (584 votes)

Michael is a recovering alcoholic/drug user. Back on the wagon, he’s now responsible for a young, beautiful, and pregnant wife. He’s working the graveyard shift at a gas station to support his new family, but the job drives him crazy. Then a wealthy stranger, Stuart, enters Michael’s life, taking Michael through a tour of the seediest and slimiest parts of L.A. underbelly. Is Stuart leading Michael to hell, or salvation?

Film Review

My girlfriend and I found this in a DVD shop for £2. She’d never heard of it before, but I remembered reading a review of it a few years ago in Empire. They said it was like a very low-budget Fight Club. This film isn’t as stylish as it would like to be, but it’s still enjoyable. The performances were all pretty good. It was good to see Peter Weller playing this kind of character after seeing him as Robocop and Brad Dourif was great as usual. I would have probably been a little disappointed if I’d rented this, but having only paid £2 to buy it, I’m not complaining. One to watch when you’ve had a few beers and there’s nothing on TV.

I have yet to watch the entire film — yet. I keep on catching it on Showtime at like 2:00 in the morning. I have Comcast, and I wish that they would just release the damned film on On-Demand, so that I could see it at a reasonable hour (i.e., on MY time, instead of DURING "shadow" hours…):)Anyway, the thing that moved me about the piece was the mood, plain and simple. I love Peter Weller’s performance in this flick. He was the only thing that caused me to name a song of my own after the film — Shadow Hours. I may even title an album of mine using that name (if anyone cares or doesn’t know this, you can name a work anything that you want to — without worrying about "copyright" infringement. Titles are not copyrightable. Period.):)Again — a worthy viewing. I agree with the most recent submission here — yes, the story line isn’t original, and yes, Michael Mann is a better director than most anyway. I just got a kick out of Weller’s character and characterizatio…

When I catch this, one thing is certain: this is Peter Weller’s movie. His presence is freaky whether playing Russian Roulette or betting on underground fights. BZAR Getty does all right keeping up but is more of a standout when talking to the other players. The supporting players were good considering what they had to work with. I was shocked to see Brad Dourif look somewhat normal. I will also say I was glad Rebecca Gayheart got some much needed work after that accident that killed that kid. Regarding the writing, aside from some choice one-liners (I’ve seen stuff that makes Dante’s Inferno read like Winnie the Pooh) it’s OK at best.If it’s on cable and are an insomniac (like Getty in this film), give a glance.